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"Am I the only one who wants to wear skirts with flair and tops with a shape? And where are all the colors of the rainbow? There’s style in modesty, and I'm going to make sure my friends and community see it."

That’s what our founder, Rachel Lubchansky, kept telling herself when she returned to live in her native St. Louis after five years in New York. A degree from the MIT of Fashion (Fashion Institute of Technology) and a few years in the Big Apple’s fashion industry had left her with a closet of Manhattan-minis, low necklines, and spiky shoes. But her personal growth led her away from the celebrity-chasing, overexposed tabloid clothes, and she needed to refill that closet. The local boutiques were a bust – if their selection wasn’t cut down to “there” it was cut up to “there”.

Instead of becoming frustrated by her inability to shop in the fashion meccas, Rachel decided to create a solution - an e-boutique providing stylish modest clothing for modern women. In August 2005 Funky Frum opened its virtual doors, catering to fashion-savvy, modern women who are committed to modest dress because of religious or personal standards. Offering a collection that is sophisticated, feminine and truly stylish, we are forging a change in the perception of modest attire.

All of you visiting Funky Frum are proof she was onto a great new idea.

In 2009, Rachel handed over the reins of Funky Frum to Josh Liggett and Be Precious(TM). The Liggett family, who has been in the clothing business for over 30, has vowed to continue to keep Funky Frum cool, fashionable, and most importantly, modest.

At Funky Frum, we pride ourselves on being truly customer-oriented – from the clothes we carry to the phone and email assistance we offer. We strive to provide you not only with the styles you desire, but the shopping experience and customer service you deserve; because we know how special a shopping experience should and can be. We are open to all suggestions, so feel free to contact us anytime. An associate will be there to help, with full knowledge of the fit, texture, color, and style of any of our offerings, as well as info about a customer’s previous choices as a reference for future purchases. This personal attention and informed staff can be hard to find at other e-boutiques, but it is our bread and butter.

Our goal will always be simply this: to provide you, in North America and beyond, with a collection of contemporary, stylish, modest clothing that you will be proud to wear today, and for many tomorrows.

We hope you enjoy shopping as much as we have enjoyed putting together a collection of chic modest wear!