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August 19, 2008


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I love the pink ruffled collar poking through the black coat

wholesale miskeen

What an informative article!! For some reason,most girls never learn how to dress appropriately in the business world. Skirts are becoming shorter and shorter, and blouses are drooping lower and lower.



Wow! these are great. thanks for the post. Its simply the best! I like the designs. very glamorous!


nikki flores

Great! Thanks!

Funky Frum

Great question, Nikki! Following is a list of Funky Frum styles that align with the fall trends:

Metallic: Shimmer, Banana, Material Girl

Ruffles: Curtain Call, Forever Young, Forget-Me-Not, Citrus Splash, Pineapple, Irish Cream

Rustic/Americana: Sweet Pie, Curtain Call, Forget-Me-Not, Opera, Waltz, Daddy’s Girl, Real Simple, Peppermint, Drumstick, Tiramisu, Raspberry, Lifesaver

Lady-like: Sweet Pie, Dark Chocolate, Material Girl, Fancy Delancey, Blackberry, Banana, Cappuccino Chip, Glamour, Moonstruck, Sheer Bliss, Innocent, Baby’s Breath, Brownie

nikki flores

I love your fall fashion trends info. What specific pieces do you recommend in the FunkyFrum collection that would follow the trends?

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