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March 02, 2009


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Purse Party,
Send us a photo!

Purse Party

I own a Ponte Jumper from Be Precious and I just so love it.

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Modest Clothing

The dress is actually meant to be worn with a tee under it (the tee should cover both the elbows and the collarbone), making it a very modest option.

à la Modest

Sounds great!

I got to your site through Modest Maven. I am excited about the modesty sites out there. I am now happily part of the modesty blogosphere, too as of last week.

Be blessed!


What happened to the website? When I type in www.bepreciousclothing.com, it goes straight to Funky Frum home page. I love some of the Be Precious clothing items and would love to see the website return!


Love the site!!

Elaine @ clothedmuch

Love that you guys will be collaborating. We need more modesty in the fashion world!



Ether Maiden-

Be Precious will feature clothing from sizes 4-6X to 7-16 to Adults, while Funky Frum will have, at least at this time, only Teen/Adult sizes. As far as sizes go, we will generally provide sizes XS (size 4-6) to XL (size 12-14), with some garments ailable in XXL and above.


Ether Maiden

With this new development, what will be the main differences between BePrecious and FunkyFrum? Will there be any changes to the size range offered on FunkyFrum?

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