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March 12, 2009


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Clothes are not the same quality with new ownership. Basic tees have a boatneck now (not as pictured) and don't offer as much coverage at the neck as previous. The knee length wrap skirt looks nice, but is not hemmed (the fabric is just a cut edge at the bottom). I won't be ordering again!!!

Account Deleted

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Welcome back!!
Please visit our blog www.momomod.com and follow us on Twitter as @MoMoMod!

We love your website!

weiss esther

shalom josh
i see your work and your improvment
the new style is very beautiful
wish you great continue
regards to your parents
old city, jewish quarter


My name is Nechumah. I'm sorry to say but my daughter is anerexic.
I want some solutions. E-mail me back! thank you.


So are you going to just abandon funky frum??


I really like your necklaces. :)

This company has great potential :D!!!!!!


Hello. I was just wondering if you would be able to order any denim pencil skirts. I think theyre very stylish. I also looove slinky dresses. Thank You!!


HI!! I've gotten 3 shirts from this website. I was just wondering if you can have more variety like maybe denim pencil skirts. I also want to see more dresses. Thanks!!!!

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